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Contact Tactical Forensic Solutions Inc. for customized Forensic Training specific to your training needs.  We provide training to Law Enforcement as well as Litigators.   Professional instruction will be given by Experts that have "been there and done that".  We teach what works.

Tactical Forensic Solutions Inc. provides consulting services specific to the identification and collection of electronic data.  With our proven data recovery expertise Tactical Forensic Solutions Inc. can provide E-Discovery services.

Tactical Forensic Solutions Inc. will assist with the investigation from onset, helping prepare preservation letter, developing the subpoena verbiage and reviewing historical data. 

Consult with one of our forensic experts prior to making a decision on any civil or criminal matter.  It's important to know the facts relevant to your case prior to trial. Tactical Forensic Solutions Inc. can assist you with professional case preparation and Expert testimony. 


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